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Potentials and benefits of usage of new technologies in eco and organic wine production

Some wine-some health: from observation to explanations - Sabina Passamonti, MD and PhD – Universita' di Trieste
Moderate consumption of wine is known to be healthy since ever, but only recently have these effects been measured and understood scientifically. Some of the most bioactive compounds in wine are their pigments, named anthocyanins. We know today how these compounds are absorbed, how they enter into the cells of our organs, and, in the case of the cardiovascular system, we could measure their positive effects. These data can help the producers to promote their wines and, especially, to improve their quality. In facts, agronomical and enological techniques can contribute to produce wines that are richer in health-promoting bioactive compounds.
Oxygen management in winery; from hyperreductive pressing to oxygen control at wine bottling - Klemen Lisjak, PhD - Agricultural Institute of Slovenia
The lecturer has been involved in oxygen management research for 5 years. Also his PhD 'Role of oxygen in new vinification technologies' was based on oxygen management. Together with Skrlj Company (Sk-group) he has been working on constructing of grape press that allows to press grapes in reduced (hyperreductive) oxygen atmosphere and automatic and controlled addition of SO2 during grape pressing.
Usage of advanced analytical methods for the improvement of the wine quality
Jasna Peter-Katalinić, Phd – University of Rijeka Department of biotechnology
The effect of different canopy management techniques on wine yield and quality
Paolo Sivilotti, Phd – Universita’ degli studi di Udine
11:30-12:00 Coffee break

Best practices and experiences of wine producers

Knowledge transfer in winery: the importance of high tech equipment and sophisticated laboratory support in improving wine quality
Klemen Lisjak, PhD – Lisjak vinery

The example of a small scale knowledge transfer in the family estate winery in Vipavska dolina, where they vinificate grapes from 7 ha.
Impact of alternative oak types on wine aging and their sensory properties from the Syrah grape variety Natalija Kuzmanovska - Chateau Kamnik, Skopje
IP & Market protection of wine and related products
Neven Tamarut - STeP Ri, Rijeka
13:00-14:00 Lunch
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